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Things you need to know before signing a contract

I have seen some people struggling to decide signing a contract, here are some tips to have in mind before signing:

1.- Read Carefully before signing. This goes without saying that before signing a contract or any legal document for that matter, you must read it carefully. However just reading will not be much of a help in certain cases. The language in which these contracts are written is called legal English, which is quite different than what we are used to. You might have to look up certain words and sentences on the internet to know their exact meaning.

2.- When doubt, postpone signing: Consult your Real Estate Agent if reading the document is confusing regarding the terms of a contract, transparency is at must requirement.

3.- Negotiate. You may find some terms which you think are not clear about. Make sure you agree to all terms before signing.

4.- Be clear with exit terms. In order to make sure that there are no complications in case you want to opt out, you must carefully look for exit terms.

5.- Hire a Real Estate Agent like prepare to guide you through purchase process.

6.- Hire a Title Company with good references.

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