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10-step guide to Buy your dream home

There are always questions and doubts about clearly create a path that leads you to buy your dream home, here are some tips:

1.- Visualize yourself buying your home, dream about it. Know where do you want to live? drive around that neighborhood where do you would to live in.

2.- Go for it! Prepare yourself with these few steps. Create a list of must have!

3.- Save for a down payment.

4.- Get pre-approved for a mortgage. I can guide you in this process to find a great mortgage broker and work as your team.

5.- Call me to start the search. We can set a meeting talk about all your must have! schools, desire areas and what you can afford? or any other inquire. A buyers fee is included in sales price, so, for not extra money you got a professional for yourself. Use your resources!

Hunting for a house can be an overwhelming process. Be aware the are other buyers looking at the same house. Sometimes renovated properties can get multiple offers. If you are sure that is what you want; be ready to fight for it, it will sale over selling price must of the cases.

6.- Be mentally in the game, look at the numbers, keep communication open with your Realtor and be loyal to your agent; team with your Realtor is your best resource at not extra cost.

6.- Submit and offer and get an executed contract. Make sure this is the house you want for real. Once you get into a contract you will be incurring in expenses like, home inspection, appraisal, everyone involves time and your time.

7.- Place your deposit on Escrow account can be Title company Escrow account or you Real Estate Broker's escrow account.

7.- You will have 5 days to summit loan's paperwork in your bank, your Real Estate Agent will assist you to schedule home inspection. I usually suggest an inspector to my clients if they don't have one. Time is running.

8.- Be on the game, now that inspection pass and appraisal is good and we are moving forward to closing day. Your bank will be requesting for more information, please keep in touch, clear any doubt, keep an open communication channel with your team.

9.- Close on your House. There is a walk-through necessary on the property 24 hours prior closing. Be aware that you will receive your keys once the loan is funding, meaning buyer has cash their payment. Once wire transfer is confirmed you will receive your keys, which usually are at Title office.

10.- Congratulations!!! New Owner.

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